Stacy in Trumpland: 9 March 2017

Been loving the sun and warmth down in North Carolina. It’s taking quite awhile to settle in to the American way of life, especially that Obamacare. Yowza! Quite a shock after living in a single payer system for past twenty years.

Max and I went to our first ever town hall this past week; it wasn’t in our district but wanted to see if it was all the headlines made it out to be (‘rowdy,’ ‘shouty,’ etc). David Price (a Democrat and in office for 30 years . . . hello term limits) came out onto stage just moments after the Republicans had announced their own disaster of a plan and yet Price only mentioned Russia.

I assumed, therefore, that he had not heard about the Trumpcare plan for, surely, that would have been more important? Alas, the first question from the audience was about healthcare. So Price mentioned, “Wow, gee, did you guys see the new Republican plan just announced?” So he had, in fact, known about it but I guess thought shrieking ‘Russia’ would be more important. As it was, the next 8 or so questions from the audience were about healthcare. We left after an hour or listening to pathetic defense of Obamacare, specifically the fact that they had no answer to the 4 or 5 million trapped on the system unsubsidized. Why they can’t see the Medicare For All solution staring them in the face, I’ll never know.

Anyway, this also happened in North Carolina and reminds me a bit of the US ‘healthcare’ system.

It’s not as crazy as Florida, but lots of weird stuff happens here.