Brexit & Beyond: EU’s Brexit Negotiator Serves Wake-Up Call, Return Of Red-Tape At U.K. Border, Top Takeaways From BOE

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EU’s Chief Negotiator Throws Doubt on Hopes for Quick Brexit Deal: “Substantial” differences exist between the U.K. and the European Union on the terms of a post-Brexit transition agreement, the EU’s chief negotiator said Friday, throwing further doubt on hopes for a quick deal.

Schulz Says He Won’t Enter German Coalition Government: The chairman of Germany’s center-left Social Democrats said he would no longer enter the next coalition cabinet as he tried to contain a backlash that threatens to derail Angela Merkel’s plans for a fourth term.

Why Border Controls on Trade Will Rise Again in Europe: The British government’s clear rejection this week of any involvement in a customs union means one thing for British exporters, Stephen Fidler writes: a return to plenty of red-tape at the border.

Five Takeaways From The Bank of England’s Policy Announcement: The Bank of England used its first policy meeting in 2018 to warn that its key interest rate is likely to rise sooner and further than it had previously expected.

Chinese, Big Luxury Consumers, Are Now Buying Luxury Companies: The Chinese are the world’s biggest consumers of luxury goods, but they aren’t just buying luxury shoes. They are buying luxury European shoe companies.


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