Blockbuster Raise For BlockPay: $400K In Only Three Days



Looking back at the first three days of the second official ICO arranged and organized by the Economic EnterpBlockPayrise Engine of and its service provider CCEDK, it’s looking all great and very promising, as the initial funding realized so far in the first three days of the ICO have resulted in a nice raise  equivalent 683 in bitcoin (BTC) or in USD or roughly $400K USD, not bad at all, says Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK ApS.

Recently Jamie Redman of did a piece on BlockPay, and part of it reads below:

Christoph Hering (The CEO of BlockPay) was so kind to explain to us:

“What’s the role of CCEDK in BlockPay what’s it for?”

CH: CCEDK provides great ICO services for Blockchain companies like us. We were looking into all the technical details, marketing strategies, cold storage, etc. and decided that we need an experienced partner for a successful Crowdfunding. CCEDK is the best partner for us since they offer an all-in-one campaign and crowdfunding kit, whatever their needs – including escrow services, fiat gateway, token and asset creation and issuance, distribution, integration, marketing, pre-launch preparation and the ICO itself.

In conclusion, BlockPay is delivering all the content, logos and vision, and CCEDK is handling the entire ICO. ICO´s will establish themselves as the new Crowdfunding standards… and if you think about it, raising six figures from a global crowd is completely unheard of for regular startups who sell 20-40% equity for the same deal.

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CCEDK with its CEO Ronny Boesing in the frontline is the creator and visionaire behind the Decentralized Conglomerate servicing BlockPay, doing all necessary to help them reach their goal of crowdfunding. The DC include the ecosystems, crowdfunding 3.0, – powered by the people and people driven and the official token of the DC, – the blockchain advertising network, the decentralized trading platform, as well as the “brain” and strategic initiator behind it all CCEDK ApS making sure everything works out in the best interest of all parties involved, – whether they are investors or the team behind BlockPay.