Which cybersecurity stock? Why not all?

One only needs to read current headlines to come to the conclusion that cybersecurity will be a hot sector in the next few years. From data breaches at major banks and retailers to hacks that attempted to affect the U.S. election outcome, it is clear everyone will need to improve their security game, and that takes investment. 

But knowing that the sector as a whole should see impressive earnings growth is not even half the battle. A fair question for an investor to ask is, “I like the sector, but what stock should I select?”

The best answer to that may be, “all of the them.” The PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (HACK) is the first ETF to offer investors exposure to the cybersecurity sector. It is comprised of 34 companies that offer hardware, software, consulting and services to defend against cybercrime.

In addition to the broad bullishness in the sector, HACK has been on a bit of a tear since February 2016. A break above the current bullish ascending triangle top at $28 would trigger a further rally, potentially testing the 2015 high near $34.

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About the Author

Doug Busch has been trading the U.S. equity markets for two decades using traditional technical analysis, as a trend follower, with an emphasis with Japanese candlesticks. @ChartSmarter