Gold & Silver Industry Pitfalls & Poor Business Practices

Unfortunately there are both incompetent, and worse, alleged bad actors in the gold industry who use various tactics to take advantage of unsuspecting individual investors. Learn to use various free tools and best practices to avoid them always.

The growth of the internet in this 21st Century Gold Rush has been somewhat of a double edged sword in terms of honest and potentially dishonest gold and silver dealers.

Negatively speaking, international internet commerce has helped proliferate various counterfeit Chinese products around the world. Fake bullion coins and bars are often bought by scammers and sold to unknowing individuals who use websites like Craigslist (even eBay). Most fake bullion items are simply cheap gold or silver electroplated versions of the original. More sophisticated and rare fake bullion products can include heavy metal inserts (like tungsten or lead). Avoiding them is not difficult if you stick to some basic best bullion buying practices.