Fund Manager Shocker: LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was Cartel’s Last Gasp Effort to Grab Physical Silver!

1559111On a Week Which Saw Gold Explode For its Largest Gain in 16 Years & the Global Financial Markets on the Brink of Complete Contagion, Dave Kranzler Joined the Show to Break Down All of the Action: 

  • Gold Explodes to $1263: Has the 3rd Leg in the Massive Secular Bull Market Begun? 
  • LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was the Cartel’s Last Gasp Silver Grab in Desperate Effort to Avoid Default!
  • Lines Around the Block to Buy Gold -, SD Bullion Sees Highest Sales Day in History Thursday– And This Financial Crisis Isn’t Even Underway!
  • Insanely Cheap“: Kranzler Predicts Silver Will Be the TRADE OF THE DECADE
  • 200% Premiums? Kranzler Warns the Looming Shortage in Physical Silver Coins and Bars Will Be Massively Worse Than We Saw in 2015!

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