CCEDK is The New Frontier of Finance: Goodbye IPO’s, Hello ICO’s

ICOO purchases a proportion of a new initiative’s tokens, helps it raise money, gives it publicity, and allows ICOO asset holders to profit from subsequent rises in value.

‘We’re looking to provide a complete package of services here,’ explains Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK.

We have a number of companies on hand to help entrepreneurs and promote their crowdfunding campaigns, all in a mutually beneficial relationship. If their project does well, so does the Decentralised Conglomerate – we align incentives between all the stakeholders, so everyone is happy.’

A key benefit of the ICOO fund is that it allows holders to exit their stake in a project before it launches – in stark contrast to traditional crowdfunding, where investors are stuck with their pledge and may have wait for months or longer. If they want or need to sell, it’s practically impossible.

 Forbes Magazine once wrote:

The world’s first conglomerate where ecosystems represented by digital tokens and their unique qualities each complement one another and all of them with one common denominator – they are all powered by the blockchain. A transparent, open and trustless powerhouse of information governed by no one and everyone with each participant in control of something, mainly their own account, and no one ever in control of everything. It is a symbiosis of perfection, trust, speed and transparency. Welcome to the future.

One of the projects currently listed is called HEAT and it has already raised over 1,500 BTC.

HEAT will end its ICO August 8th 2016

For anyone who may have an interest in the ICO of HEATLedger and their Blockchain 3.0 project with its unbounded vertical scalability – only limited by the performance of the hardware used – still has a chance to buy in at the early level 2 and perhaps even have an added bonus, as any remaining tokens from the assigned 25 million will be shared proportional with all investors.

Some Excerpts from the Whitepaper

Unlimited Scalability
Many of us have heard of the issue of “scalability” which most popular blockchains face. The difficulty of handling an ever increasing number of transactions on the blockchain puts a growing pressure on the resources of each node in the network. Of the current generation of blockchains (eg. Bitcoin5 , Ethereum6 , Dash7 , NXT8 ) most have an embedded database where they store both all blocks data and all balances.

 Removal of embedded database

Not embedding LevelDB or H2 to store transactions and blocks, account balances and the order books for all asset pairs, HEAT uses custom build storage and access solution based on Memory Mapped Files and tailored specifically to address the needs of a cryptocurrency node.

How to Participate in OpenLedger ICO Prelaunch:

  • Investors interested in subscribing to the HEAT.ICO can do so by first registering on the OpenLedger platform.
  • Upon signing in, one has to click on the ‘“Send” button, select ico.openledger in the recipient field labelled “To”. Then enter the name of the ICO in the “memo field”.
  • Choose their preferred way of funding the account to purchase the initial offering by clicking on “BTS” and changing to OPEN.BTC or OPEN.ETH or any other asset of choice and hit “Send”.
  • The funds will be sent in the form of the chosen OPEN asset to the escrow account – ico.openledger (ico.openledger is the default escrow account).
  • The sent OPEN asset will be exchanged for its equivalent in ICO tokens of choice with the click of a button

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About OpenLedger

OpenLedger is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform acting as the host, skeleton and tool for constant innovation. Designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in near-real time, securely and with ultra-low fees. It is created by CCEDK, a well-known Danish cryptocurrency exchange. It allows users to convert bitcoin to fiat pegged SmartCoins which can then be withdrawn in multiple ways.

OpenLedger is built on top of the MIT-licensed Graphene technology of BitShares 2.0 and acts as the foundation for the Decentralized Conglomerate: an ecosystem of interlinked and mutually-supporting companies. It is also known as the DEX – The Decentralized Exchange.