Active Business Services acquisition of Superior Energy Management highlights growth

Direct_Energy_CentreOntario is often considered Canada’s green energy leader. In part because Ontario is the only province to completely eliminate coal use from its energy supply, it’s been at the forefront of the green energy movement for a number of years. Support for renewable energy also happens to be echoed by millions of Ontario residents and businesses.

A recent survey commissioned by Environmental Defence found that 74 percent of Ontarians support the province’s move away from coal and toward renewable energy, while 81 percent want to see Ontario generate more energy from renewable sources.

In order to keep pace with the energy demands of Ontarians, a robust network of energy providers is required. Green energy options have been proven to be the best way for residents and business owners to make the switch.

While the province is home to a majority of Canada’s green energy providers, figuring out what services are the best can be challenging. This is especially true for business owners who are dedicated to sustainable business practices, but need to keep overhead costs low.

To help businesses better assess their energy needs, companies like Active Business Services offer ways to manage energy use and reduce costs. Active Business Services is an energy management firm providing Canadian commercial and industrial customers with natural gas and electricity supply and risk management solutions.

With more than a decade of service in the energy sector, Active Business Services is dedicated to working with business owners to effectively manage their energy costs by providing them with innovative products, custom tailored procurement strategies, and detailed energy assessments in natural gas and electricity use.

Since its founding, the company has also expanded into the neighboring province of Quebec, where it offers the same comprehensive energy management and assessment services.

In order to bolster their presence in two of Canada’s largest markets, the Burlington, Ontario headquartered company recently acquired the Ontario and Quebec electricity and natural gas customer contracts and associated assets from Superior Energy Management.

“Consistent with our aggressive growth strategy, we are very excited to have completed this acquisition,” said Michael Stedman, President of Active Business Services. “It not only results in a dramatic increase in the size of our current customer base, but it also provides a tremendous platform to fuel future growth”

Through in-depth assessment, Active Business Services’ energy experts focus on three key areas to help business owners achieve their energy goals: creation, management and evaluation. An attention to the needs and goals of clients allows Active Business Services’ representatives to offer tailored energy solutions to businesses.

Utilizing an energy assessment service provider is particularly timely today when the province’s energy prices are steadily increasing. While Ontario has become a leader in terms of sustainable energy sources, critics of the liberal government believe better management is needed to ensure Ontarians are not over-paying for energy.

Opponents want the government to implement better strategies for selling unused energy to other provinces and even American states.

“We’re paying 10 times the amount we used to for electricity, while “giving away” $3.5 billion worth of energy “we don’t need” and can’t store in the past two years,” said Patrick Brown, Progressive Conservative MPP.